Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rockets Bullets of Furious Fists in the Head

When World's Collide... When East Meets West... we're all twisted around.

Now that T-Mac is outselling Yao in China for jerseys and the Beijing Aoshen Olympians are playing in the ABA... the East has officially met the West... and they're buying lots of shit.

Adidas is giddy about getting people who average $2900 in income a year to pay $170 for shoes.

In the "Great Posts for the Progressive Movement of International Diplomacy" dept., OddJack sounds suprised the Chinese have a different calendar and pronounces Happy New Year wrong.

To answer his question, though... the Chinese use the lunar calendar because first, it predates the Western calendar by thousands of years. Second, aside from those few who were touched by Christian missionaries, most Chinese think the Bible is really just a great novel--a little far-fetched, but entertaining.

Oh, and another tidbit, it isn't only China... much of East and Southeast Asia operates by the lunar calendar except South Koreans who are obsessed with your "JeezusChrist."

Hey, but you know what, we live in the U.S. and we use the Gregorian joint... 'cause we're not complete assholes.

Triple OT says T-Mac has Yellow Fever... that doesn't make any sense. Shouldn't it be Yellows have T-Mac Fever? But they're from TX, so they're off the hook. For now.

Houston Roundball Review's going to the All-Star game. The bastards. They also list the slam-dunk contestants... Enh.

Oops, almost forgot...


train said...

another great entry. bravo. bravo. this is in no way sarcastic.

aloneconformist said...

you know, when you write that it's not sarcastic, it only sounds more sarcastic.