Monday, February 13, 2006

Bullets in the Head: Kwan Drops Out, Americans Win Unrelated Basketball Game

The Houston Rockets have fulfilled Duke's semi-quasi-prophecy for success by winning 6 of their last 7 with Tracy McGrady in a serious shooting slump (biggest of his career? Somebody check on that). Mac went 3-20 last night vs. the Knicks for 7 pts... the Knicks. Rockets have jumped to 15 in ESPN Stein's latest Power Rankings.

So how the hell are they winning? Yao Ming and Rafer Alston. They're proving the Rockets can win without Mac playing well. Yao Ming has averaged 21.7 pts, 10.1 rebs and 2.3 blks a game during the 6-1 stretch. It was the dermatophytes after all.

And finally, with the continued love shown by fans and media, Skip is finally playing with that playground swagger that was missing earlier in the season.

The moves are coming back, and they're natural, unforced, no longer tentative and no longer turnovers. Looking and playing more like a veteran, he's getting some benefit of the doubt--his fake behind the back pass last night would have been a travelling violation earlier this season.
Skip's put up 9.4 pts and 8.4 ast in the last 7. Incidentally, Skip makes's fact-filled but dubious list of Fresno State Bulldogs.


Kurt said...

Good stuff, dude.. love to exchange links with you on my Rockets site..



dukehogwild said...

yes yes..mcgrady slumping and the rockets winning is number two on the 2006 GREAT COMBINATION LIST*..t-mac ain't likely to stay in this slump much longer. 3-20 on 7 points is pretty much rock bottom for all-star t-mac...look for sleepy to wake up tommorow night in clipper land for a 44 point night in a classic rocket victory............

*the 2006 GREAT COMBINATION LIST is a list put out by the dukehogwild company.

1. jessica alba naked and chocolat syrup
2. t-mac slumping and a rocket win
3. flautas and hot sauce
4. netflix and the u.s. postal service
5. steve nash and 4 black guys

aloneconformist said...

chocolate syrup? that depends on where you put it... enh, no it doesn't.

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