Monday, February 20, 2006

NBA All Star Wrap Up: Lebron James is a Party Pooper

This is the second of our What the Fuck, dude?!? posts, but we'll squish it in with the rest of the NBA All Star Wrap Up.

Bron-Bron... you can win MVP for the next 20 years and you probably would. Hell, you could have waited until next year and still have been the youngest ever to do it. What the fuck, dude?!?

Can't you see T-Mac's been downer then that little blob in the Zoloft ads lately? Couldn't you figure that receiving the All Star MVP award would have reaffirmed Tracy's love for the game and the city of Houston. You ruined the feel-good story of the year. You're lucky Houston fans aren't the type to boo or have any collectively strong opinions on anything outside of concealed handguns. But even Kobe was trying to hook him up. Kobe...

To be honest, we don't know why Mac didn't just run the clock all the way down and take the 3 at the buzzer--which is what he usually would do. Mac chose differently and perhaps incorrectly, but still... Bron... Bron... what the fuck, dude?

Matt Wong, Asian American sports pioneer, agress with us, and by pure coincidence, he becomes our new favorite sportswriter.

ESPN breaks down the All Star Best and Worst. They also drop a list of who's HOT and who's NOT. When did ESPN become Seventeen magazine? We breakdown the Best and Worst Dressed.

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