Sunday, February 19, 2006

All Star Bullets in the Head

The Houston Rockets are having one of those years where the great inexplicable powers of the universe are reminding us that athletes are human after all. T-Mac wrestles with something bigger than his jumpshot.

We kind of want to know, but we kind of don't. We send love anyway, via our big Chinese rep.

Scoop Jackson hits H-town for the break and reveals there is plenty of love lost in Houston. Schizopolis is over Yao but T-Mac isn't and neither are we.

We usually don't even bother with Peter Vescey (the New York obnoxiousness incarnate), but he reports or speculates that Van Gundy is pulling another Ernie Grunfeld:
Sources say Jeff Van Gundy and Carroll Dawson are no longer on speaking terms...I'm informed Van Gundy is so angry with the personnel Carroll has provided that he recently told free-agent pickup Stromile Swift, "Would you please ask to be traded."
We speculate that yea, that sounds like something Van Gundy would say. And something Stro' would just take and internalize and manifest in rebelliousness, shouting, poor decision making and eventually deep depression. Trade rumors?

Feigen at the Houston Chronicle reveals that the Rockets would love to have Stevie Franchise back. I'm on record as saying his trade was unecessary (but with the understanding when a player like McGrady comes along, he's hard to pass), so yea, we'd like him back, too. But like Feigen, we know damn well it ain't gonna happen.

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