Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All Star Countdown: 3 Days, 8 Hrs, 7 Min...
All Star Weekend Preview by Train (Part II)

Train is our NBA All-Star Weekend correspondent. Train is in Houston right now! Train drops Part II of his NBA All-Star Weekend Preview:

During the Super Bowl two years ago, the city of Houston closed Main Street and filled it with faux ballers (and nouveaux riche) --what?-- (new money) and... whores, of course. (Of course.) Plenty of hookers for the Super Bowl. Probably won't be as big a turnout from the Chicken Ranches for Jam Session. There will be the usual sexy parties, though (bachannalian soirees!) --wha?-- (nevermind). And if you're lucky enough, your girlfriend will even get invited to say... Snoop Dogg's party, and you'll get to wait outside daydreaming about what a wonderful conversation they must be having on his leopard print velour couch.

The actual events I'll watch from home. GodXofXGamblers, is going to try and get his high school homeboy, Emeka Okafor, to get him into the game, parlaying old stories of HYCAC domination. As for me, Globetrotter's too cheap to get me in, and by Globetrotter, I mean you, brother. (We figured you wouldn't be too keen on rubbing elbows with anyone who would pay hundreds of dollars to watch a "Skills Challenge.")

I would go to anything if it was free...

And for all our boys' girlfriends out there... if Train sees y'all getting all "girls gone wild" with Ben Wallace or somebody or his entourage, he's gonna take pictures and we're gonna post your trifling ass online.

Actually, none of my boys have girlfriends... -- T


train said...

great pics...boobie's gonna love it

Anonymous said...

Is that you in every single picture?
Anyways, I like some of your articles through technorati. You might be interested in posting some of your articles up here for more people to get to.


enjoy the all star game

aloneconformist said...

no, that's not me. it's godxofxgamblers.

you only like some of our articles. what can we do for you to like all?

good looking out though on the web info. we'll look into it.