Sunday, February 19, 2006

NBA All Star Update: Train is Alive!

After having seemingly disappeared with no rhyme nor reason for days since All Star Weekend began, our NBA All Star correspondent, Train, reappears with no explanation at all...

So I went to this Jam Session thing... which would have been the time of my life if I were about 13 yrs old. When you first walk in they have a bunch of people standing there on either side of you, clapping and giving you high fives. I ran through like an All Star.

We did the Shooting Stars Challenge--Drew, Eric and me. Drew couldn't make the shot at the top of the key... took him a good fifteen seconds. We gave Eric the spots that the WNBA players usually get. He came through though and made both his shots on the first try.

Then I beat them both in the Adidas shootout, which was just six spots around a basket that spelled out "Adidas.". I spelt Adidas first A-D-I--I made nine. Eric only made A-D-I and Drew made A-D-I-D. Drew tried 13 times and finally dunked a nine foot goal (Not quite Nate Robinson is he?).

Then we saw the main event--the All Star wheelchair basketball game. There was actually pull-up jumpshots--well, set shots--layups, fade-aways, pick and rolls, backdoor cuts... but no dunks. (Yea, and until they can dunk, nobody's gonna watch that shit.) There was one guy on the East that was wheelchair Shaq. When he got the ball in the paint, he just took all the time he wanted to shoot because he just taller than everyone else... and well, like I said, they can't jump.

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