Monday, February 27, 2006

Rockets Bullets in the Head

The week in Rockets... last week. We've been gone.

We finally know what was troubling Mac. And like I thought, we wish we didn't. We do, however, wish T and the Mac family well.

Amaris is Rockets Power Dancer of the Week. She loves Houston. Julie, whom we missed last week, not so much. But Jules is a teacher... in high school.

T-T-teacher stop that screamin' / Teacher don't you see? / Don't wanna be no uptown fool / Maybe I should go to hell / But I am doing well / Teacher needs to see me after school! bets T-Mac and Yao are the NBA's odd couple. The linesmakers are adjusting.

Marc Stein's got the Rockets
moving up 3 spots in the Power Rankings to 14, two higher than the Lakers who got that eighth spot. He reminds us though, the Rockets have the toughest remaining schedule in the league.

Nevertheless, after three straight W's, the Rockets look good again... until they play Phoenix tonight (8:30p EST).

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