Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beloved Moochie Traded For Magic Lamp

We're a little late posting this. Simply too distraught to touch the computer. Moochie traded again... this time for a magic lamp. So instead of dwelling on the fact that Mooch was reaching his twilight run and that the Houston Rockets should feel lucky anyone would trade for him, we're going to focus on why we loved the Mooch so much in Houston. Moochie was big.

The name instigates the game. Mooch did it his way, his style, and the suits might not have liked it, but Mooch came through. He never played better than when he toned down those who would tone him down. When he strut the hair, the knee highs and the headfakes, he strut his stuff.

1.) The hair: Everybody loved the hair blown-out. I preferred the cornrows. There's a certain artistry and attractiveness to the rows that Filipino kids in Newark and the Japanese seem to really appreciate. Hair used to mean something once... the longer it was the greater the dissent. Now it's empty pop culture. But for Moochie, it signified a subconcscious defiance. For a player who dealt with self-esteem issues through much of his career, it meant finally coming to terms with who he was--if only for a moment.

2.) The clutch: Moochie came through with game winners on more than a few occasions in his first run with the Rockets and often found himself finishing out most games in a three guard line-up with Francis and Mobley.

3.) The knee highs: As much a part of the Moochie style as the hair. Also very influential to the Japanese.

4.) The funny face: Really the all fan favorites, Mooch was a quirky guy. A man of many faces--Rudy T. thought he looked like Artis Gilmore. Moochie was not what you would call restrained emotionally. Rudy let all the Moochie style and mannerisms slide as long as he came through. He never asked Mooch to tone it down and Moochie gave him a solid backup PG from '00 to '02, putting up the best stats of his career.

5.) The playground game: Anyone who's ever come down to Houston to play the summer league at Fonde knows Moochie runs the joint. Unstoppable.

6.) The crossover: Steve Francis copped it. Moochie's head fake and cross was one of the slickest moves we've ever seen in person.

We'll miss you Moochie. We thought you would retire here. Somebody even did a song in your honor (dubious but certainly terrifying). At least you'll get some run in Okie until Speedy returns. And there's always a chance you'll get traded back.

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dukehogwild said...

plus...mochie is the only nba player to miss games because of insomnia.