Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bullets in the Head: They Did It! It's a Miracle!

That's right, Rocket fans! Houston is back within 10 games of .500 and playing "the best ball it has all season!"

Rockets Blast is almost ready to believe.

Stromile a bust? Maybe not yet. Everytime you think he's out, he pulls you back in. With just a taste of that potential. The Stro' Show still in limited engagements.

The RPD of the Week is Aisha! Aiiiiiishaaa! You are the girl that I neva haaad... And I want to get to know you bettah. Aiiiiiishaaa... You know I want you so bad...

"Being from Houston, Aisha’s family has been 'Living It' for as long as she can remember." There's this ongoing theme with "Living It" on Rockets.com that we haven't fully grasped yet. It's like an inside joke that nobody's in.

Oh, and for my cousins in Taiwan, the Pittsburgh Steelers won that thing you like to call, "your American Super Cup."

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