Friday, January 20, 2006

When the West is Calling... Send Your Mediocre

Former CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) underachievers Beijing Aoshen have been playing in the ABA... how did we not hear about this? After starting off with a 10-3 record, Aoshen has dropped three straight in four days due to culturally-biased "fatigue."

Aoshen does field an NBA prospect though, in 21-year-old point guard Sun Yue (206-G-85)--I'm not sure exactly what that is in American but it roughly translates too... 6' 9"?!? damn! word? really?--anyway, he's projected by some NBA scouts to be a second round pick in next year's draft. But not by

Who knew Sun could manage all that and double as China's "Most Popular Female" pop star?

And finally, the one and only Paul Shirley has joined the team. That's right, the "My So Called Career" Paul Shirley is running with Beijing Aoshen... you couldn't write it in a movie because it would be ridiculous... and it is. I would tap into Shirl's blog to see if Sun Yue's the real deal but it's one of those fucking ESPN Insider things. Somebody holler at me.

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