Sunday, February 19, 2006

NBA All Star Coverage: Little Dunk Take Big Dunk

Day 2 of NBA All Star Coverage and still no sign of our All Star correspondent Train...

Nate Robinson! That's how Bobbito Garcia calls him. With that Turtle dude from Entourage in Knicks promos, and when I e-mailed him about it. I guess you gotta shout it, 'cause you never seen some shit like that. I mean you've seen it, just not like that. I was rolling on the floor. Nate Robinson! Have the exclamation point permanantly affixed and officially changed to your name.

Our new favorite Asian American sports pioneer says Iggy was robbed. And so does some other random sports blog. Yao's gonna chime in...

Yao, yao, yao, yao... Fate Rob did that thang. Stop hatin'. You don't think a 5' 9" dude should get extra chips for doing dunks only Vince Carter could do pre-2000? YOU'RE CRAZY!!! And you be hatin'. That motherfucka's 5' 9", my dude, 5' 9". Yao momma's 5' 9"... no, yao momma... fuck it. I can't even see that dude when the dew point drops. You bitches be crazy. Iggy's my boy and that behind the backboard shit was blazin' and that behind the back piece was aiight, but yao, he didn't do know sick shit to follow it up. How you gonna go to the jump off with only two dunks? Nate did his thang. Don't be hatin'. -- YM

Deadspin lists the Best of Charles Barkley All Star Saturday Night. We love Charles as much as he loves Houston.

Hey, Train! Did you get arrested already? Holler at us. Can you check your e-mail from holding?

Photos by Reuters

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