Friday, February 03, 2006

All Star Countdown: 14 Days, 5 Hrs, 24 Min...

In retrospect, perhaps we should have measured our countdown to the actual All-Star Game rather than the Rookie Challenge. We might as well have countdown to that NBA Jam Session thing.

If you click the link, T-Mac will fade in all Princess Leia hologram-like and tell you you're Jam Session's only hope. Yao's been begging us to let him drop some commentary, so the Big Red 11's gonna hit you with some bullets now.

by Yao Ming

Yo! Yao... Yo! Yo, yo, yo... Allow me to be the first to welcome D-Wade to the All-Star starters fraternity. Flash went all AND 1 in that bitch against the Cavs last night. He was like the top five out of ten of the Top 10 plays on NBA TV. That move around Sasho's back with the 'oop to Shaq was laid crunk tight... like Wade wuz channeling Bushwick Bill sayin', "damn it feels good to be a gangster." Vince who? Yo, no gay cowboy stuff or nothin' but I'm all about Dwayne Wade right now. And you know Shaq's my nigga.

Although, I gotta holler at Vince about the new Nike spot. You know there's only one reason for that spot: VC droppin' the dirty deuce all nasty-like on 'Zo... Train, you know what I'm sayin'. But why do they got all those scrubs dunking on 8 ft. rims? Vince, you ain't got no creative control on these joints?

Seriously though, back to what I was sayin'... Flash dipped into some major butter last night, hittin' you off with more highlights in one game than most guys do in a year. Here's some random blog entry about my dude... I ain't got no idea what this shit is about, but that banner is kicking. Who them bitches be? Shiiieet.

Oh, and then there's the rest of the All-Star starters. No Pistons... I know, I know... you guys are like "Detroit's 40-1 and you're like 16 and something... how do you get two starters?" Three words: Asia Goodwill Tour. Don't be hatin'. -- YM


train said...

you think tmac has ever considered acting? the guys a natural. and those girls on that one dude's website banner....(all i can do is shake my head because those girls, or anyone that slightly resembles them, will never been in my room...sober....or conscious).

dukehogwild said...

yes yes my dude.