Saturday, February 18, 2006

NBA All Star Coverage: Rookie Challenge Met
"Why Can't You Do That in a Real Game?"

Coach Madden used to ask us the same question after running pick-up at open gym. Well, because they play hard in real games.

Philly's other more amiable AI, Andre Iguodala, takes the Rookie Challenge MVP the way one perhaps should... not that one necessarily should do anything... Kobe.

Iggy turned it on in the 2nd half with a little penchant for flair and theatrics, making the game seem almost well-played. ESPN's breakdown of the Sophomores and Rookies reminds us it wasn't. Deron Williams, my preseason ROY, stunk up the joint. has an Asian American editor. Surely another breakthrough for our people in sports. He tells us 'Nique Jr. has some comp in AI.

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