Friday, March 03, 2006

NBA Rockets in the Head

Our Houston Rockets exchange "big offseason acquisition" Derek Anderson for another Kentuckian with less expectations--all part of easing the transition of Leslie Alexander's master plan to move the Rockets to Lexington.

Rockets win. Vintage T-Mac. Swift gets back into the rotation. Deke gives Denver the one-finger salute.

Rockets delete Jon Barry, paste Rick Brunson, the son Van Gundy always wanted. We're sorry to see Jon-boy go... just one Barry left.

Andrei Kirilenko is dubbed "luckiest man in the world" because his wife looks the other way. Really though, don't most NBA wives have to? It's what you give up to live the life. The Kirilenkos are just more up front about it.

AK-47's got a hot one, too... website, website... aside from the banner photo cheese, it's AK's whole life online. Where do you think we found this photo of the lucky sub of a machinegun and his lovely wife, Masha?

Tim Thomas is the luckiest man alive. Suns sign The Big Innocuous. What say you that Nash revitalizes his career too?

Duke says Dallas will never win it all with Dirk Nowitzki at the helm. Barkley is inclined to agree.


dukehogwild said...

you could win with dirk..but not dirk as the main doo doo in charge..the guy you will never win with, no matter what the senario is, goes by the name of keith van horn.

aloneconformist said...

that's kind of what i meant... but i will change it accordingly.

i've always been with you on the van horn thing in spirit... ever since he showed up at my boy's high school open gym and was talking shit to all the kids--none of whom were much taller than 6'.

he's a douchebag. but douchebags can still win championships.