Saturday, January 28, 2006

What the F*ck, Dude?

While other recently re-gifted NBAers like Artest and Siz-zurb put on modest performances with their new teams, Ricky "Get Buckets" Davis had to go off.

What the fuck, dude?

Chill, son... ease into your new team. No one likes a show-off. Didn't anyone tell you the Rockets were working on a win streak? Houston has all these exaggerated expecations to still try and live up to. The 'Wolves... the 'Wolves are packin it in, dukes. Be easy...

We know you reintroduced facial hair as fashion (the way Moochie Norris and Benny Wallace did afros), you even inspired one of the greatest basketball blogs we've ever seen... we know you liked Boston. But stop taking your frustrations out on innocent people. Search within for the root of your troubles--or Danny Ainge. Face it, he never liked you.

T-Mac figured if it works for Rip, it works for T-Mac. The L sullies an otherwise decent night for the Stro'-Hayes-Baxter PForward by commision. The Hammer has hustled his way out of the rotation.

Photos by AP, except naked Ricky.


dukehogwild said...

as long as we get to 20 wins before 30 losses, we'll be ok.then we go 22 and 10 to finish the season. that gives houston a 42-40 record to end the season...todays western conference might alow that team at number 8...and then the rockets can do what they were EXPECTED to do.

train said...

tmac looks like the robots from the classic will smith movie, i, robot, comma, period.

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mamon de mierda said...

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