Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rockets Nation

Rockets.com Fans on Location
Proving yet again that Rockets fans are dorks

Andrew is 7' 6" and from Canada. He likes the Rockets and making ridiculous mu-mu's.

Chris from Houston, TX just got his new haircut and "livin' it" in his bedroom. (actual caption)

Jean Jacques, also from Canada, is more of a, uh... T-Mac "fan"... these jerseys were dug out of post-game hampers and smuggled across the border in his stomach as Canadians are allowed only Nash jerseys (but only from Phoenix, that's right Dallas, you know what you did).

Hey Cavo... is that? ...Is it? It can't be, can it? ...I think it is... isn't it? Casual baby strikes back sans moustache.

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