Thursday, November 24, 2005

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays...

Since we can't be home for the holidays--in fact, we're headed to my girlfriend's parents' house for Thanksgiving Dinner... which should be... interesting--we here at Globetrotter have decided to honor some of our hometown hardwood heroes in a little where are they now...

The Glide is the original Gulf Coast Legend, the pride of Sterling High. And now after a brief stint having it up to here with knuckleheads and NBA spawn George Gervin, Jr. and Moses Malone, Jr. at U of Hou, Clyde's found a nice cushy desk job as the new color commentator on FSN Houston next to good 'ol Bill Worrell. Hope he fares better than predecessor and fellow hall-of-famer Calvin Murphy.

It's no secret that we love TJ, Mo City's finest. Though he's slowed down a bit from his fast start, we stand by our prediction that he will make Milwaukee a playoff team this year, that is if he stops risking another spill trying to dunk all the damn time. We've seen it, we have video of it... please stop scaring the hell out of us.

'Shard is solid, despite our personal biases, and we do shake our collective heads every time we remember that the Rockets passed on him for Mirsad Turkcan. But he's the pride and joy of Alief and touts a fanclub full of little white girls (click here, here and here). To be honest, we always thought his Elsik teammate Shea Whiting was a better forward. But what do we know? At least now, we can say anyone he dunks on got "'Sharded on."

The second half of Mo City's finest backcourt and TJ's prep-mate in the Eagles' silver and blue, Daniel Ewing played the four in high school. But he's getting solid minutes now, showing a little bit of that Duke shooting touch in LAC, backing up Houston's favorite Alien.

DJ's got a sweet deal. Just sit back, hit open jumpshots, collect a paycheck. He doesn't even have to handle the ball like he couldn't do in last year's Eastern Conference Finals. That's what Lebron's for--to do everything. But it's just not sweet enough. DJ does his best TO.

This is Jake Voskuhl. Jake went to Strake Jesuit in Houston, a private school that supposedly breeds basketball players, but Jake is the only one to turn pro. Jake was a softy in high school and we enjoyed throwing floaters over his head. He was a good passer though, good enough to be a throw-in for teammate and All-American prep-star Mike LeBlanc to sign with UConn. Voskuhl would help lead the Huskies to a National Championship. As for LeBlanc... we have no idea.

Got Milk?'s 2004-05 Rookie of the Year, the Prince of Bellaire put up solid numbers last year, and with Sean May and Gerald Wallace, Charlotte's front court is looking a little decent. Funny anecdote: One of Train's friends back in Houston, we'll call him George, went to Bellaire High with Emeka. Every summer, Bellaire hosts HYCAC, a Chinese-American Christian youth basketball tournament. It's half-court 3-on-3, nothing special, but every team is allowed one non-Asian player. George chose good buddy Emeka. Needless to say, they won the tournament.

Here's a recent chat with Emeka... you can hear about his experiences on Wheel of Fortune, what video game he plays and why he hasn't opened his iPod yet.

According to ESPN, The Little Green Monster hasn't touched the hardwood yet. And he would have last night, had he not gone and hurt himself again showing off for the Lil' Phunk dancers.

For all you concerned fans, especially Eagle Cheng out there serving our country somewhere, no, Ndudi Ebi is not dead, though the Houston Chronicle likes to make it sound like he is.

We haven't been able to track down Ansu Sesay... he was the first basketball star we knew, taking his Willowridge team (yes, the same Willowridge that produced TJ Ford and Daniel Ewing, and Thurman Thomas for that matter, they're prolific) to their first State Championship and effectively crushing our freshman hopes of advancing in the playoffs. We haven't been able to find him on an NBA roster (we're a little lazy on Turkey day), but someone in Sierra Leone wishes he would return to his roots.

The most memorable thing about Alton Ford was hearing about him in high school. The Milby alum and former Texas High School Player of the Year was 6' 9" 260 lbs... when he was 14. After brief stints in the NBA, he has since been waived by the Polish as well. The Polish... that can't be good for the soul.

Happy turkey stuffing, folks... if that's what you're into. We'll holler.

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