Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Fist of Fury's Eve

On the way to the Rockets' New Year's Eve game, Train tells me how he got tickets for Duke et al. His friend DruZaius has a hook up with the Yao Ming fan club... his mom is the President.

I don't quite have the words for how funny I thought that was. Train swears it wasn't as if she was elected or campaigned, but rather she was impelled by default. She speaks the best English.

From their website, El Presidente, second from the right, and the Yao Ming fan club board of directors with... Lisa Ling? Well, they have a life-size poster of Yao.

But there seems to be some competition for who is the OFFICIAL Yao Ming fan club. Yao's got an all new website, too, where he looks all imposing and shit. And apparently he visits them all and leaves messages for fans.

All right, countdown time... you know they tape delay the NYC New Year's Eve show with Carson Daly an hour down here to match the Central Time countdown? But the screen graphic still reads "LIVE" in large type. I almost feel like I was there. Almost.

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