Friday, January 13, 2006

Rockets' Fists of Furious Futility

Dikembe Mutombo makes a J. E. Skeets midseason Top Ten list, er, Top Seven.

Someone in Shanghai swears he's Tracy McGrady.

Cavo @ Yayo! Basketball sums it up for all the True Believers out there... we wish we'd thought of this first. Or at least lied and claimed we thought of it first but didn't have the resources to go through with it... but we didn't.

Oddjack links T-Mac's ails to cousin VC, but only hints at their perpetually inversed power relationship.

Upon further research, we've concluded that it is only natural that one cousin performing at peak levels will inevitably drain the health of the other. One family can have only so much power.

And Peter Kerasotis (who we've never heard of either) rubs it in.

Lastly, former Rocket, Stevie Franchise gets the "indefinite" treatment... suspension that is, and at least one blog thinks Houston got the good end of that deal, but he's out of his gourd if he thinks the 76ers will work a trade for him and field Iverson, Webber and Francis.

Deke can't pick Sisue up either.


Anonymous said...

nice blog

train said...

i've run into deke twice at katz houston. he's always got two or three white girls with him.