Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vince Young: Dance Dance Revolution

We don't really do college football, but the Pride of Madison High deserves an entry on every sports blog today. And he'll probably get it. Not that we college football dilettantes could really appreciate it, but that was the illest National Championship game ever.

And fittingly, the Longhorns celebrated with a hoedown, all huddling up in the corner of the endzone, helmets held high, bouncing and chanting--not their school fight song or anything lame like that--but that techno dance song you can only find now in Euro-trash dives. You know, the one with the chorus, "Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!" Wait, that's kind of lame, too. But is it ironic? Kids, you never can tell.

Vince Young, though, never stopped dancing (The Dallas Morning News has continuous coverage here, here and here). He danced on the bus, he danced during warm-ups, he danced on the sidelines, danced on the field, and he danced, danced, danced on the podium when UT was presented the National Championship Glass Football Thingy.

And just so we're not completely off topic, Vincent Paul Young, Jr. was a four-year letterman and two-time all-district guard/forward for the Marlins of Madison High with a career average of 20+ ppg. At 6' 5" 230, what'd you expect?

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it aint sunday yet...theres no need to talk about GOD when its only thursday.