Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tropical Fists of Fury: DJ in DR

To the camera man: pan left, bro. How do you cut off the bikini girl on the left? From the 45% of her we can see, she looks foine! You blew it.

DJ gets the star treatment even in Punta Cana. We figure it broke down (a la J.E. Skeets) a little like this:

Janisa: Ooh, Rosie, mira... mira... look, Rosie! Isn't that that cute chino from MTV2's Nike Battlegrounds: King of the Court con mi esposo Lebron James?
Rosie: Aye, mami, it is... who's dat he's wit? They don't look like no basketball players."
Janisa: They prolly his managers or sumthin'... you should go get your picture taken wit him.
Rosie: Only if you come, too. He might not like Morenas.
Janisa: Bitch, we from the Bronx! We gittin' our picture wit chino!

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