Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rockets Owner Desperate, Suits Out Young

The DDR shows up, gets a personalized Rockets jersey, doesn't play.

In a misquided but good-hearted (in that senile old man kind of way) attempt to field a competitive roster versus Sacramento last night, Rockets owner Leslie Alexander issued Vince Young a personalized Houston jersey before tipoff. Alexander would spend the rest of the evening alone in his luxury box, baffled at why Van Gundy refused to play the Dance Dance Revolutionary.

Attending the game but not asked to play: Percy "Master P" Miller and Anthony Goldwire.

No more Globetrotter commentary until the Rockets win or unless they sign Spree. Just links.

Van Gundy: "We do just enough good to lose close."

Rockets lose to Queens 88-80.

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