Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stop... Hammer Time

We didn't want to write anything to jinx the little run Houston has mustered on the west coast, but after a grueling overtime comeback and what looked like an ailing second-half Mac, we don't really expect the Rockets to win tonight in Seattle. So, we'd like to take the time now to pontificate on last night's bizarre game.

The contest went from an elegant, efficient offense effort in the first half to... well, let's say brusque shot selection by Houston in the second (which received long range bombs by the W
arriors in rebuttal).

The Warriors basically held the Rockets off in the fourth, too. But somehow the Rockets managed to win on a little reversal of fortune. Warriors couldn't convert late in the fourth and our main man, Ryan "The Hammer" Bowen, sparked the Rockets in his distinctive way, finishing with a season highs of 13 points and 8 boards ( has a feature on Mr. Hustle). It was enough to get Mac to break out of his funk (which may have been a little karma for his "I can get any shot I want" remark at the half) by setting up Wesley for a three, and hitting one himself, late in the game giving the Rockets a shot. One that went to everyone's favorite rookie, Luther Head, who tied the game with a three with 2.7 left.

Yao, who was steady, with a quiet 30 and 16 in the manner in which only he can do, was big in OT.

Despite both Houston stars pulling Caspers until late, Rockets win--brutal but fairly entertaining (anyone see that oop from Richardson to BD? Gangsta).

Few things are more satisfying in televised basketball than watching Tim Legler and Greg Anthony eat at little crow.
Houston's won four in a row.

Rockets in Seattle tonight, 9:30p CT.

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Anonymous said...

Yet again, the Rox always kick azz on the road while flopping at home...

Is there a hometown curse in the Toyota Center, or what? Was this also built over Indian burial grounds like the former Enron field - which led to the fall of Enron?

Should we get some Natives to possibly help us rectify this? Burn some sage or conduct some reburial ceremony?