Friday, January 20, 2006

Rockets' Fists of Furious Futility

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Yay!basketball is looking for Stevie, too. We dreamt their entry last night and swear Dido's Roswell theme was running through our head all morning. So we chant Di-do! Di-do! Di-do! for Stevie, too. We think the reunification of Steve and Cuttino needs a comic. has already set up a mock draft, and they have the Rockets at no. 3 taking Italian Andrea Barnagni from Benetton Treviso. Who the fuck--dude looks like an extra from The O.C... How 'bout we don't fuck this one up and throw a few games to get Rudy Gay. T-Mac needs a Scottie. Did anyone else know AND1 sponsors Benetton Treviso?

Houston's Clear Thinkers have been attributing the Rockets' woes to bad management for some time now. Now they've reached the twilight.

John P. Lopez of the Chronicle gives Skip the thumbs-up for true point guard status and Stro' the thumbs down for... whatever it was he was supposed to be.

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