Sunday, January 01, 2006

Warriors Ruin New Year's...

The brothers Train with Duke sporting the Vernon Maxwell throwback.

Waiting in front of the Toyota Center, L-Train shakes and blurs his limited edition Head jersey... limited as in the only one.

From ball boy to bench warmer. Little John Lucas III (yayuh!) signed with the Rockets. He's littler than Van Gundy, but Jeffy put him in during a late 4th quarter comeback, eschewing Moochie Norris. Lil' John was received by cheers for a local kid made good.

Stro' puts on another good one, extending his preview. If he can get Van Gundy's system down and maintain some consistency... well, we'll see. (AP photo/Pat Sullivan)

In one of those things you only notice at the game deals, the Rockets' PA kept looping Lil John's yayuh! and okay! intermittenly throughout the game with no real rhyme or reason.

Also, Rafer Alston returned to the lineup, logging 36 minutes. And everytime Skip scored, the announcer T. Gray (who also happens to be a DJ at a local hip hop station) played a chorus of children singing "Skip to my Lou."

What they could have gone without is the Scorpions' "Rock you like a Hurricane." Nothing beats Queen's rock you.

Is it just us or does any else notice Baron Davis is a bit of an odd duck? In a peculiar, Gilbert Arenas type of way.

Rockets lose another at home but Mac makes it interesting.

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