Thursday, January 26, 2006

Down With the Kings

Queensbridge native, and asphalt son, Ron-Ron the "True Warier" was traded to the Kings earlier tonight. But Hollis is just off the E line, express to Sutphin Blvd. and a dollar van down Jamaica Blvd. from there. Easy. Oh, the Sacramento Kings... fuck it, you figure it out.

I never really knew how big a dude Ron-Ron really was until a few nights ago, I saw a cable access channel in Brooklyn running some home video footage of the Queensbridge Summer League. Ron-Ron made a guest appearance with, of course, Queensbridge. He looked like an ogre fucking around with a bunch of little hobbits--and he spent most of the game jogging up and down the court indifferently, shrugging off fly-like defenders (who we assume were full grown men), with onlookers re-marking the court boundaries with their creeping feet, collapsing the space as the game got tighter.

It was a discovery akin to seeing Anthony Mason at the FIT summer run having to turn sideways to get into the gym... through double doors. Mindfuck.

Despite Ron-Ron's sudden freedom, is still offering Free Ron Artest t-shirts. They'll probably keep the screen around.


train said...

i think "tru warier" is actually one word. -truwarier-

aloneconformist said...

i spend hours putting up posts and that's all you have to say to me?

nicholas cage said...

i spend hours watching me on tv