Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One With Being One

Back in February, our new favorite blog, Deadspin, named us numero uno Houston Rockets fanblog. Of course, we didn't know this until now because we're lazy and hadn't set up a blogroll or registered with Technorati... until now... okay, we still haven't gotten around to that blogroll.

We have to admit that upon seeing our designation among the apex of Houston sports blogs, we weren't initially sure how to feel... would there be hoards of Rockets fans suddenly bombarding our e-mail accounts with questions and comments seeking our advice and insights? Would the mainstream sports media start asking us for our in-depth analysis of Yao and his exploits? The answer... no.

There's still nobody reading this thing. But we'll come to terms with this number one, even if no one cares.

1 comment:

J.E. Skeets said...

I am reading this thing. Everyday.