Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Welcome to the Show: Big Top Knicks... Can't Stop, Won't Stop

For Ari... it's my birthday today... but my gift to you is... clowns!

The circus is in town! No, this one, but that one, too.

Now that all of Globetrotter has relocated to New York (Train made the move in Feb.), we've been considering adding the glorious circus that is the New York "Big Top" Knickerbockers to our repertoire in a segment called "Welcome to the Show" featuring Klowny...

But how do we approach it? Should we Flash-animate Nate Robinson shot from a cannon? Should we provide transcripts of confessionals from a made-up reality show a la The Surreal Life (and J. E. Skeets for that matter)? Or is there no need to clown the Knicks anymore than they already do it themselves. 'Cause it wouldn't be so much a fan blog as watching an anthropological experiment, or a psycho-social case study... or a trainwreck.

One thing's for sure, with Zeke in the center ring, The Show is all year 'round. So we'll have plenty of time to come up with something... if we so decide.


train said...

the knicks need to be clowned on and you we should have nate getting thrown back and forth on the blog.

farlane said...

I think Larry needs a hat, a whip and a chair. Them beasts are ferocious!

aloneconformist said...

you're right but i figure... ornery old white man with a whip... young black men prancing around in uniforms... clown faces are offensive enough.