Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bullets in the Head: Can the Houston Rockets Make the Playoffs Without Tracy McGrady?

The answer so far... no. Maybe. Probably not. Maybe... yes, I believe they can--maybe not.

Rockets lose second straight and Van Gundy gives Nets credibility to feel better.

Maria is Rockets Power Dancer of the Week. Maria is a former Texas transplant to NYC... just like we are now! Maria was also a writer... just like we are now! We have so much in common with Maria, we feel like we already met her, and tried to ask her out, at a nightclub, after an awkwardly long stare, and too many drinks, and embarrassingly slurred our measly proposition of a movie, dutch, no dinner but popcorn, and got turned down, not so much with a no, but with a "I have to go to bathroom, stay here, I'll be right back," only she never came back, and then found out later she knows our ex-girlfriend and told her everything, and they laughed, and everybody knows that she totally stoned us.

Houston calls up this Fitch guy and then releases him. Awkwaaarrrd.

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dukehogwild said...

i'm sorry..why..because ...i am...............no more losses.