Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cinderella No More: Rockets Power Dancers Fall Short of Final Four

Houston breathes a collective sigh of resignment. We are losers yet again...

But for a while there, we could sit back... amid the disappointment... amid T-Mac's mounting DNPs... even a six game losing streak... and say to ourselves... at least the Power Dancers are winning. Upset after upset they moved on. Deeper and deeper among the field of 64--er, 30--but then, last night, Cinderella died... is that how that cliche goes? Anyway, the RPD got trounced 59% to 41%.

It wasn't fair. Seattle had fucking boudoir photos. What the hell? Those bikinis look a lot like lingerie, and they look a lot like their about to spring right off. Damn you, Seattle Dancers publicist and marketing coordinator. Damn you for making us love you. Honestly though, Jillian (pictured, yea... that's right) is carrying the squad. The rest of you ladies need to step it up. You were lucky. I blame the timezones. Fucked up my bracket.

Actually, Sacto knocked out the Laker Girls in the first round so my bracket was busted from the giddyup. I had the Girls making the Final Four on tradition alone--like one of those college teams that gets to the Sweet Sixteen a lot... who's that one team... we don't really watch college... maybe if Houston had a team... but what's that good team... the Devils? No, that's hockey, but speaking of the Devils... we had Jersey making the Finals in a huge upset over Miami, but it looks like the Knicks Dancers are gonna win their matchup--bunch of snobs. Jersey girls are so much cooler. Trashy enough to smoke Parlliaments and chug with you and just hot enough to get you into clubs. Skankalicious!

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