Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bullets in the Head: Payback's a Bitch

Rockets win 115-87 over Seattle. In an obvious statement of retribution, the Houston Rockets avenged--and perhaps overcompensated in their swift justice--a dubious loss by the Rockets Power Dancers to Seattle's "Sonic Boom Boom" dance team in the Dance Team Tournament of Champions.

In a game which Seattle shoots 22.5% from the field in the first half and Jesus goes 1-for-13 for the game, there was nothing funnier than Johan Petro fouling Yao Ming... on the tip-off. This after Sonic wins against the Grizzlies and Spurs.

Szczerbiak Nano
, or Richie Frahm, drops 16 in his best game since becoming a Rocket.

Yao gets love, love, love, love... crazy love from Carmine Pirone at where he's compiled all the gushing praise and adulation he could find for Yao's recent awakening.

Our favorite is, of course, from Bill Walton--not as crazy as we would have liked, but nice all the same:

“I'm ecstatic for his success, 28 and 14 since the break, the most improbable story this year. Analyzing and watching Yao--all his progress has been in the development of a mental edge. He had to get the toe fixed, yes, but he's durable and doesn't have physical limitations that would keep him from achieving things. Players usually figure things out their third year in the league and Yao has figured out that he can't wait around for others to do the job, and also that he's so much bigger, stronger, smarter and better than a lot of players in this league.” Bill Walton-ESPN and ABC television analyst

Heather comes from a long line of 50-foot women... and she's Rockets Power Dancer of the Week.

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