Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bullets in the Head: Yao Ming... Still Good

Yao's still doin' it. And he doesn't know why. Rockets rally from down 17 to beat the Indiana Pacers and recent additions Keith Bogans and Rick Brunson are key. Mac, though, goes down again... Can Houston make the playoffs without Mac now that Yao's stepped up?

Yao finally joins the 20-10 club and Van Gundy rants. Chronicle writers have apparently knighted Yao or something and are smothering him with the kind of love that scares you.

John P. Lopez, who used to call him the Above Average Wall, is now proud to call him The Great Wall.

Here's a quote from Peja Stojakavic from the Chronicle:
"He's unstoppable right now," Pacers forward Peja Stojakovic said after Yao's 38 points and 10 rebounds led the Rockets' come-from-behind 103-99 win. "He reminds me of when Shaquille O'Neal was in Los Angeles and winning championships."
Well, even we think Predrag might be overselling it a little, but we no longer question his mental toughness anymre or "clutchness" as Duke likes to call it.

Why isn't Yao's recent play a bigger story in the national sports media? Is it Kobe going nutter the last four games puttin' up 40+ or Paul Pierce goin' me Me Against the World on Washington and Philly? Or is it something else? Could it be because some of you already laced the hate too thick and a retraction would just make you look silly? Yao's killing it right now. Retract yo' self.

Nicole is Rockets Power Dancer of the Week. She'd rather be executing pirouettes but ballet dancers don't get a lot of autograph requests. She barely remembers when the Rockets last won the title... she's young.

Segue: is doing a Dance Team Tournament of Champions by fan voting. The RPD crew of Houston is already into the second round and on March 15th will be facing the Jazz Dancers who had a bye (because as Mormons who drop it like it's hot, their direct challenge to religious authority earns them this less than divine right). RPD move on after stomping the Denver Nuggets Dancers 78% to 28%. But that's nothing compared to the drubbing Miami's dance team gave Charlotte (91% to 9%). Come on, it's Miami. They don't get a bye?

Shortly after being waived by Houston, Jon Barry has decided to retire. We miss Jon-boy already.

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dukehogwild said...

i think this is just the rest t-mac needs before the playoffs start...yao will have no problem leading houston to the playoffs.....but why is l.a. beating both both detroit and the spurs within a week...why did t-mac play against indiana. how come he didn't just rest up for the spurs tomorrow........