Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rockets in the Head: Vassilis Spanoulis is the Future of Houston Rockets Basketball

Actually, we meant Vassilis Spanoulis might be in the future of Houston Rockets basketball... if Carroll Dawson decides it's enough that the Greek is gregarious and buys out his contract with Euroleague powerhouse Panathinaikos.

If you've never heard of him, well, you haven't been reading your Houston Rockets post-season fixits. Houston drafted Spanoulis via trade in the second round of the 2004 draft and his prospects are getting their share of buzz now. After a season such as this one past, everyone starts out on the bright side of life.

V-Span, as some have already and unfortunately saddled him, put up a strong showing in a best-of-three series loss to Tau Ceramica last month in the Euroleague Championship Quarterfinals.

V-Span sucks as a nickname. How about Vassy? Or Spoon? Or Silly?

It looks like Vassy's at least discovered the way to stop Tony Parker. I follow Euroleague ball, but I admit I don't know all of the rules... I didn't know they allowed slide tackling. Euros and their "futbol."

Carroll Dawson thinks Vassy is like Kobe, in the same way I think I'm like Steve Nash. We notice Spoon likes to stick out his tongue a lot. Does that make him Jordan... -esque?

Silly seems to think we'll like him. Or that we already do. Here's some video footage:

Luther Head made All-Rookie Second Team. Leading all rookies in 3pFGs made. Not too shabby. The "I Love Head" fan club is in full effect next year.

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