Monday, May 15, 2006

The Playoff Hustle: Words. Don't. Hit. Back.
Rocket-less in '06

Not that Lebron resembles Bruce Lee as much as his Nike Kung Fu ads would like you to think, but Bron-Bron is layin' the Jeet Kun Do on Rasheed "Han" Wallace and that big motherfucker Bolo (the other Wallace). So Han had an ankle sprain, huh? Kaaaarmaaaa. Enter the f'ing Dragon.

We know Damon Jones is Jim Kelly. But who's John Saxon? Zyggy?

Cavo at Yay! NBA is beside himself... like a gaggle of school girls... but he's only one man... and we understand. But just to clarify, did Lebron have sex with all of Rasheed's presumably pluralistic congregation of polygamous mothers, or all of the Detroit Pistons' mothers or every mother in Detroit?

That's Wilt Chamberlain-type numbers there, but as it's Lebron, nothing surprises us anymore... nothing... just a pitiful, nihilistic existence. Like a Kiyoshi Kurosawa movie... that sums it up... our Rocket-less existence.

Sheed, not one to be addled, had this to say from
"I'm all right," Wallace said. "Don't send me to the glue factory yet. It's nothing that hasn't happened before."
We're feelin' this series now. Now that it's about to get really heated. Between the Cleveland and Detroit fanblogs. Elbooows.

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