Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Playoff Hustle: No More Mr. Big Shot
Rocket-less in '06

All right, so it's unfair to say, based on Robert Horry's off-balance fall-away that careened off the side of the backboard in the waning seconds of Mavs-Spurs Game 3 last night, that Big Shot Bob has lost his touch.

But if he had made that shot. It would have been legendary. He would have been the stuff of folk tales and mythology--if he isn't already at least the stuff of nightmares to Sacramento and Detroit fans all over. That shot would have put him in the Hall of Fame. That's how big it would have been.

But he missed it.

It's hard watching this series because as true Rockets aficionados, we just can't root for the Dallas Mavericks or the San Antonio Spurs. Part of us wants the Spurs to win, just to see them in a rematch with Detroit (to which Duke has already predicted a Detroit sweep), and a bigger part of us wants to see them to lose.

But we don't want Dallas winning either. It's a vicious cycle.


YaoButtaMing said...

Hello ... just found your site. Huge Rockets Fan. I host the GoldenStateofMind Blog so look forward to visiting your site for now on. I need all the rockets info i can get. Hard out here in the Bay Area!
Great site!

Andre L. said...

yes a cycle of war, jealousy, heartache. when will we just lay it all down?