Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Playoff Hustle: Lebron... Still Good.
Rocket-less in '06

Uhh... Benny... we know you just took NBA Defensive Player of the Year again, but... there's defense and there's sexual assault. Tayshaun looks horrified. Nevertheless, Bron-Bron puts down another triple-double, joining Magic as the only other player to hit off at least two trippy-dubs in their first respective playoff appearances... of course, Magic was 19 and a rookie. Come on, Lebron. What makes you so special?

If you're tired of Nike's multi-million solicitations to bear "witness" to all this, Detroit Bad Boys has your alternatives. Me likee this one:


train said...

yo...mike james wants to go to houston. houston wants mike james.

train said...

the expressions on their faces is hiLARious.