Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rockets in the Head: Mike James, Bitch!

Sorry, bitch is so inappropriate... even in celebratory usage... and Oprah's gonna get pissed if we don't stop saying it. And she's right. We are role models. Sorry... last time, we promise. And besides, we think it was Skeets that came up with it first. Go to him, Oprah. Go to him.

Mike James wants back in Houston. His house is in Houston. His girlfriend. The Harlem-native makes a good argument, too. Of course, we believe the Rockets would have made the playoffs--even with the injuries--had they not traded him.

Rockets only have a mid-level available, but Mike is willing to make compromises to come home. With the year he had in Toronto, splitting the mid-level is probably out of the question so the question then would be: Mikey or the bigger, younger Vassy the Greek?

Atlanta's not that far from Houston.

NBADraft.net posts the Houston Rockets' State of the Cap. It's not pretty. Here's the short list of available free agents.


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