Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Playoff Hustle: Richard Basa Disgusts Us

This is Richard Basa.

Richard Basa is a San Antonio Spurs fan. The San Antonio Spurs disgust us. 2+2=4.

San Antonio beat Dallas last night to force Game 7 to the dismay of Globetrotter and this dude from Dallas--watching from the bar in a Greenwich Village Pizzeria Uno's (1/2 off drink and appetizer specials, wanna fight about it?)--except Duke, who has his own insidious reasons for wanting the Spurs to force a Game 7. He wants to see Detroit sweep San Antonio in a Finals rematch.

I personally never want to see the Spurs anywhere near a championship again, and to his credit, neither does Duke. But it disgusts me to watch him root for them. But not as much as Richard Basa.

On the other hand, it disgusts Duke that I've picked Dallas to win it this year... in 6 over Cleveland (the Cavs in an improbable, legendary run--of course, this was pretty much contingent on both teams winning Game 6, but I stand by the picks). But I don't root for them. I just quietly purse my fingers together, nod and mumble, "yes... yes... yes."

So yea, I disgust myself, too. How could I pick the team that beat the Rockets last year? They're copiously more entertaining than the Spurs and just better than the Suns and Clips. Maybe I'm worse than Dukie--but not Basa. Never that.

Lebron, next time, shoot the three.

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train said...

down with the spurs! down with the basa! down with the mavs! down with the basa again!