Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rockets in the Head: We Want Bonzi!

Yes, we wanted the Rockets to get Bonzi in the off-season... and we are not all the more careful what we wish for... but how could we know an increasingly absurd list of injuries and personal issues would keep him off the court for so long.

We know the Bonz was a playoff buy, but we still want to see him play with the others before the playoffs actually start.

Now, Hoops World is saying the Rockets are trying to move him. Like hell... the boy ain't even played yet. Let the boy play. Trading him now would probably take "pulling a Stro'" as we like to call it (or giving a player away--see Stromile Swift). Play Bonzi. Do it.


The Jersey FLiP said...

would you think bonzi wells could play better defense than shane battier?

The Jersey FLiP said...

i mean if he is actually playing

aloneconformist said...

Bonzi's actually a pretty solid defender... but like most NBA players, only when he puts his mind to it. Guys like Battier, Artest, Bowen (blech) seem to always have their mind to it. Bonzi's feet are quicker than Battier and he's physically stronger--very capable of handling guards who post. But again, he needs to be in shape first.

The Jersey FLiP said...

but Battier can stick around and not complain about having no part in the offense, i wouldnt be sure Bonzi would do the same