Saturday, January 13, 2007

Off the Yao Wire: Yao Ming & Nia Long, It's Official

Yes, their names are mathematically proportionate... like some kind of Da Vinci code, so it must be destined by the powers that be. Yao Central has a link to Ming's reaction of's report that he and Nia Long are dating, which needless to say, is dumbfounded confusion.

But we can't help thinking he was overcompensating in rejecting rumors of the lovely Miss Long with his girlfriend standing by. Too short? Are you serious? Never heard of her? Come on... she was Lisa on Fresh Prince!

Then again, we can't help also thinking this is a desperate and misguided attempt by Nia Long's people to get Miss Long some media attention by planting a love connection so absurd that it guarantees plenty of coverage and yet is easy to refute. But didn't two guys just beat themselves over the head over her at LA's The Grove shopping mall last summer? How much attention was one lady need? Maybe we've been watching too much Entourage.

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