Friday, January 05, 2007

Rockets in the Head: T-Mac's Back, Still Good

T-Mac's playing like old T-Mac again... or young T-Mac... or younger T-Mac and the Houston Rockets are 4-1 since Yao went down with his fractured tibial plateau. Indeed he has lit our darkest hour--or at least, the first ten minutes. Yao Central has it that Mac's play has gotten the national news media (and one of Houston's own) to forget about Yao. And a commenter takes it too literally.

Meanwhile, with Yao out, Dikembe Mutombo is using his suddenly bountiful playing time to catch Kareem Abdul Jabbar for 2nd on the all-time blocked-shots list. He needs seven more. We just like how he still has to wag his finger after every block, even at the cost of holding up a fastbreak chance. Sleeper agent?

The 40... something Mt. Mutombo has also been taking lunches with greatest-Rocket-of-all-time Hakeem Olajuwon to talk about how to bring more African players to the NBA and to give assurances that Deke will retire before catching Hakeem's no. 1 spot.

Even after a fractured tibial plateau, Yao still leads the NBA in All-Star balloting in votes. Give it to Amare or do the whole Vince Carter thing and wait until they announce you to give to him. With your crutches and stuff.

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