Thursday, January 11, 2007

Luther Head is Getting His Fan Club

When Luther Head was drafted by the Rockets last season, there was a lot of buzz about his athleticism. We heard talk about his 40+" verticle leap. But we never saw it. Head wasn't much of a dunker last year, even on the break. Eventually, we stopped believing the hype.

Then Luther went and did this (or that above) and had us spinning around, slapping our knees and hooting like old prospectors who struck gold. And we realized we should have done more research. And we would have found this below... from the Wendy's Chicago vs. New York All-Star Classic at DePaul University.

Now we know... and knowing is half the battle. "I Love Head" fan club is back on.


train521 said...

i will be president of this fan club..i will make t shirt.

dukehogwild said...

its nice

The Jersey FLiP said...

can i get one too?