Monday, January 22, 2007

G! Fashion: Rockets Dress Like Athletes

We know want you're thinking. Why haven't we done a fashion issue or celebrity gossip? Why don't we have candid shots of the Houston Rockets attending fabulous galas and celebrity events? Well, think no more.

Courtesy of Yao Ming Mania, we bring you Houston's very own pro basketball organization attending their annual Tux and Tennies Gala at the Toyota Center.

Tux and tennies? Who's the publicity genius that came up with this one? We know, token line, but what-EV. Honestly, this might just be the little metro in us all speaking--come on, you all watched
Prada, the box office returns say you did--but really... black tuxes and white sneakers?

They look like they just stepped out of a rented stretch limo for the 8th grade Sadie Hawkins. Mee-ow!

That just don't look right. Hell, black sneakers wouldn't look right. Only Skip pulls it off, going with the white jacket and the very fashionable patent leather Air Force Ones with the black trim. Looks like he's ready to jitterbug.


The Jersey FLiP said...

yao look abit like frankenstein

The Jersey FLiP said...