Monday, December 04, 2006

Rockets in the Head: Deke may be a Sleeper Agent

Dikembe Mutombo knocked Tracy McGrady the fuck out. But the Rockets still won. Against the Lebrons. Convincingly. The real question is who has enlisted Dikembe Mutombo to double-cross Houston? A ploy by a certain Ohio Freemasons' society to ensure Cavaliers victory? Unsuccessful. An intricate plot by Chinese Nationals to put Yao in the limelilght? ...not so fast. Mac was doing a good enough job of that himself.

Or was this simply a case of friendly fire? Were his unsheathed elbows meant for Lebron as they were below in '04? Either way, Deke... we're watching you.

Rockets finish November 10-5 and with Yao Ming taking Western Conference Player of the Month honors... not bad. ESPN's still got 'em dropping in the Power Rankings, though, even after Houston dropped Lebron and the Cavs 81-63 (tying a team record for Points Against) to start off December. And that was without T-Mac who left the game in the first with a mild concussion (mild my ass--the kid passed out, who makes classifies these things?).

To be fair, though, the Cavs were disgusting... and just when YAYsports! lifted their boycott of Cavs games.
But I guess they have enough problems with the whole Scoop Jackson thing... yep. reporter John Lopez's Yao for MVP campaign is in full swing.

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train said...

it was just friendly fire...unless he's a double agent. i'll talk to my sources.