Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Playoff Hustle: Kobe Really, Really, Really Wants That MVP Trophy

I'm really starting to like this series. It's getting nice and heated... in the first round no less. I just wish the Lakers were in the eighth spot so Kobe could unleash the fury on the Spurs. I want the Suns to stay in the playoffs, but Kobe's really making a point of this MVP thing by proving that he too has teammates. He's trying to out-Nash Nashy now. Say that three times fast.

If Kobes had decided to try this whole "team concept" thing after the playoff break, they might have won 50 games. Or am I overselling it? Our boy at YAYsports NBA has a different take on it.

Making us not care that LA isn't whooping on SA is Sac. Kings won a doozy last night. We're loving this Kevin Martin... like Duncan Pincushion... if you get that reference... you need to watch better television.

But once again, we see evidence of Darwin's survival theory upset... never underestimated the mid-Majors. The pic is from Sactown Royalty, who are still stunned, the way you are when you see the Madonna crying blood.

Lebron is back... making ugly faces... breaking records... making it clear that he too would have enjoyed that little MVP trophy. Gilby missed a shot he hits in his sleep. Yay NBA is understandably giddy.

Kobe pic from Reuters.

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