Friday, April 28, 2006

The Week in Yao: Zhang Ziyi is Yao Ming

What broken foot? The phenomenon never stops truckin'...

The title of this article is "Really proud of being Chinese": Zhang Ziyi. Wow, we don't even know if that counts as a title, but do we sense some insecurity from The Worker's Country about maintaining the loyalty of their outsourced labor? Zhang is "Hollywood's Yao Ming." We couldn't make that up.

Still Number One with a bullet. Yao tops the personal value ranking in China once again. How do you define self-worth? Personal. Value. Ranking.

The Daily India says 98-year-old Sun Qian from China IM chats about Yao with her friends in the U.S.

Slow news day or evidence of international espionage?

Kimora Lee's got the Baby Phat celly line. Yao laces you with his joint... A line we call the Diamond Dynasty Series... with Heather Locklear screensaver... you know, Dynasty... never mind.

Nick Faldo says Chinese golf needs a Yao Ming. We say China needs a Nick Faldo.

Of all places, this is news in Turkey. Does it seem strange that the Turkish press seems to think Turks care what Nick Faldo has to say about Chinese golf?

It's strange that Nick Faldo knows Chinese golf. We've never even heard of Chinese golf.


train said...

i play chinese golf.

aloneconformist said...

oh yea... wait, you've never played golf.

though we have done some chinese putt putt... and chinese driving... if you can call that driving.