Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bullets in the Head: Yao Still Best in the West
Rockets Still Pushing for Worst

That's right! Yao Ming was chosen once again as the NBA's Western Conference Player of the Week, his second this season, and third of his career. The pic above is from The Psychedlic Groove House of Rockets Basketball Love. You read it right.

When did Chris Wilcox usurp Kevin Garnett's mojo? We've heard of players thriving in a different system but this is ridiculous. 26 pts and 24 rebs?!? Are you kidding me?!?

I admit to being pretty high on Chris when he made the jump to the League--even going so far as thinking for a moment that the Rockets might want to trade down the No. 1 pick (which was Yao) for Wilcox and another first-rounder. Dirty thoughts. Sacrilege... it was after Maryland won the NCAA chip, but there it was... just for a moment, a run and gun team, former Terrapins, Stevie Franchise, Chris, Terrence Morris and The Wizard.. was he still there? But alas, it was not to be... and Wilcox goes and disappears long enough for us to forget about him. Well, we remember him now. (Original AP Photo/Ron Wurzer)

Seattle's announcers couldn't shut up about how much Wilcox has thrived under Seattle's system... what system? Seattle Strikes Back 104-87.

Barkles is in. No doubt.

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train said...

i like that picture of the guy whose about to shoot himself. thats jawesome!

his girl friday said...

go yao .. it's been awhile since i saw the matrix, but i think he might have trouble donning keanu's black leather coat.