Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bullets in the Head: Stephen A. Smith Has Cursed the Houston Rockets

It figures that just as we publish last night's Stephen A. Smith is the Devil post that Yao breaks his foot. I mean, it was almost the exact same moment I pressed that "Publish Post" button.

So Yao's down, and it's his foot... again. Which really means that the peace accord that Yao signed with the Dermatophytes has been breached. Rockets lose to Jazz 83-85.

Houston looking good for that eighth spot, though... in the draft. The joy of speculating begins... ESPN's Chris Ford has Al Horford at eight right now. Yea, we could go for Horford. We think he has a little more Dwight Howard in him than Florida let him show. Speculatin', speculatin', speculatin', speculatin'... don't blow it Morey. And CD, don't you go blowing it on purpose just 'cause you're out.

Rockets.com has more fans on location. I've heard of starting them young, but... actually, is this ridiculous... I mean if you were really a fan... and you knew your son was going to be a fan... YES. The answer is yes... it's ridiculous.

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