Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yao Watch '05-'06: Yao... Who Me?

............... So... uh... it's been awhile since our last post... because...

Well... we've had a hard time coping with what is growing increasingly factual, that the Rockets are awful. Derek Anderson and Rafer Alston are fool's gold so far... fool's copper anyway. I knew Skip wasn't fast, but he just looks slow out there. Anybody see the sequence in the Spurs game last week when Skip picks Tony Parker's pocket and races for the layup only to have Parker beat him down court and virtually take the ball back from him. It was almost like when Parker essentially pantsed Rod Strickland twice in a row last year in the fourth quarter en route to a Spurs victory.

We've never been fans of Parker though we do like his speed. Actually, we like his arrogance, too. But that's because we enjoy mocking him... Duke does a dead on impression... hilarious... and off the subject...

The subject is Yao Ming. Duke's talking trade--which is ridiculous, Duke's NBA is a personal rotisserie, but even the consideration is telling. Is it time to throw in the towel on Yao?
My brother Train in Houston admits that the hush hush on the Gulf coast is that most fans had given up on Yao last year. Even The Cavalier at YAYbasketball couldn't resist officially losing faith in our demi-god. We've had a roundtable discussion and some conference calls and this is what we came up with...

  • It's not time to give up on Yao. Remember that run during the second half of last season? It wasn't that just that his numbers were good--everyone knows his numbers are decent--he was a presence. Granted, he couldn't bring it into the playoffs, but it was still a nice run. Right now, he's a ghost. T-Mac should sit until he's 100% (and if he's gonna look like he did against Detroit). I don't even know if he's gonna play in tonight's game. I didn't bother to check, but he shouldn't. Yao needs tough love--some time without Mac will put the onus on him to be a leader and a presence.
  • Despite his complete lack of confidence in himself. We're not ready to give up on Derek Anderson either just yet. But Sura... get well soon.
  • How about a look at Earl Watson who's unhappy in Denver. We'd probably have to give up Ryan Bowen or Juwan Howard. We need Howard. Old and slow as he is, he's a pro. He gives all he can night in and night out. And Stro' still looks like a little boy out there who's lost his lollipop. In the meantime, start Luther Head at point. Like everyone else in Houston, we love Head.
  • Lastly, T-Mac is at his best with a good wingman... literally. He was never better than when he had Mike Miller as his sidekick... they can't get Mike Miller... but there is Latrell Sprewell. Yea, he's an old fart, but Spree can take up the slack on the scoring end when Mac's out and he could still be a good defender. And he's played for Van Gundy before.
One or all of these things may not be likely or even a fix, but they would be more interesting than watching David Wesley try to push the ball up in a one man fast break... God love him, he tries...

So Spree... keep calling. We need you. Your kids need you.
Rockets @ Dallas... where are the Hawks when you need them... 8:30p EST

Tony Parker courtesy of
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train said...

what?! the Duke has lost faith?! talks of trade!!!? cant complete...sentences...only fragments. ( oh and everyone, not just houston, wants more Head)