Wednesday, November 16, 2005

TJ Tracker '05-'06

Clips-Bucks last night... reunion time... Cassell v. Milwaukee, Maggette hollers at Bobby Simmons, TJ reunites with fellow Willowridge HS alum D Ewing... TJ's lack of size again exploited in final minutes... Clips' best start in franchise history... blah blah blah... TJ FLUSHES CHRIS KAMAN!!!

Ewing finally gets double figures... maybe we should consider a Ewing watch.


dukehogwild said...

looks as though tj, redd, & co. got a little payback in oakland..baron davis missed his first 14 shots but the warriors were still just a three pointer away from sending the game to overtime...if they met in the finals i would still take the city...probably in 7.

dukehogwild said...

rockets spurs 35 seconds 13 points tnt thursday 9:30.....could it be an annual classic. we shall see.